Getting Legal Access to Legitimate Games Online

Are online casino scratch card games rigged, let’s not pretend there are some major issues with the Internet and there are people out there that will scam people and players. Yes, there are fake casino sites on the market and their games will be shoddy, to say the least.


Are there legitimate fair games? Yes, resoundingly there are loads and fair outweigh those looking to play against the rules. The market in South Africa is new to online gambling compared to other countries and this will, in fact, make it a target. To access the best games online that are not rigged or coded with errors, your first goal is to access sites that are legal. How? Well, one of the easiest choices is to opt for this site, which is one that has assembled a collection of operators that are legally licensed and meet the requirements of a site that conforms to the gambling laws in South Africa.

Casinos are like Rome, not built in a day, and if a casino looks cheap, it most likely is and one to avoid. The casinos that are presented by the za-onlinecasino site are licensed by official gaming authorities, these include the Malta Gaming Authority and the body of the UK Gambling Commission.

The casinos are also regulated and approved, this means that before going live as a registered gambling site, the services of the enterprise are tested. Independent official like eCOGRA in the UK, analyse, the algorithms of the gaming program to check all is fair and coded correctly and this nicely leads us on to the next subject of how scratch cards are made.

How Scratch Card Games Online Are Made

To further explain why scratch card games online are not rigged we look at the making of these games. And also note, this goes for all games found within casinos. The processes are the same.

Whether you play blackjack, roulette, online slot machines or scratch card games, there are the same algorithms that determine the payout of the game. The programming of the algorithms comes in two forms both very different, both very fair in their delivery of winning results.

Here is a brief explanation of how the two codings work in scratch card games.

  1. RTP: The Return to Player algorithm calculates the money that is placed in a game from all players. Once the right percentage of money has accumulated then the game will dispense the winnings to the lucky player that happens to be on the game at that time.

The percentages can range from 94% to 98% on average. When you see in the game details a score of 97.2%, this doesn’t mean this is the likely chance of you winning, this is the amount that needs to be in the machine before it unloads its fortunes.

  1. RNG: The Random Number Generator is an algorithm which, as the name says, produces random numbers. This is perhaps less used by developers, but how it works is slightly more complicated to explain, so to help, we will use an analogy of the action.


The symbols of the scratch card game have special numbers assigned to them when you press the play button the algorithm will generate the same numbers and random ones to try and match the symbols. Think of it as a wheel of fortune game, you press play and the wheel spins with all these different numbers and will try to land a matching set of numbers to what the symbols have assigned prior to the spin by the same algorithm. Complex, but totally fair.

In this modern age, it is impossible to get away with pulling off rigged games within licensed sites, it just won’t happen. You just need to avoid the illegal casinos that do bypass every legal step and to not end up there, you only need to click on the link above.